Here’s a testimonial from where some of your donations went to last year, Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehab. This includes video!

From Bonnie, the owner:

We are very proud of the progress of one of our skunk patients and wanted to share her journey to mobility with all of you. “Hobie” came to rehabber Vicki Shultz last summer as a young victim of some unknown physical trauma that left the baby stinker paralyzed in her back end. An x ray didn’t reveal any fractures, so Vicki embarked on months of physical therapy with the little girl, including Hobie’s favorite: hydrotherapy. She slowly regained control over her rear, but Hobie’s right back leg remained stiff and was used more like a peg leg in walking expeditions. by Vicki Shultz) The next step was “locomotion boot camp” at Dr. Luper’s, complete with intensive physical therapy, muscle relaxers, and cold laser treatments that got the little stinker to this point: by Dr. Melinda Luper) No more peg leg! Post-boot camp, Hobie came to us, where she’s gotten multiple physical therapy sessions every day and lots of self-exercising on slip-free carpeting. She’s built up her muscles, improved her coordination, and is now frolicking away with only minor limping. Notice that rear right leg and how it bends so beautifully in a normal walking stride. Hobie still has a long road ahead of her, but she has shown great strength in her endurance and cheerfulness throughout this long and (at times) painful process. We’re sure she’ll be waddling around with the best of them in no time! :)

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